Quality Products

Whether it’s Prime, Promotional, Wine, Biomed or Flexible Packaging, our clients tell us we make the best Flexo labels in the industry. With our Esko HD pre-press, 10 color presses, in-line foil, embossing, and 20+ yrs. experience per employee, you can count on consistent quality.

Labeling Solutions

We put all of our experience and creativity into our clients’ labeling challenges, working with you to understand what you need and how your labels will be used. Then, together, we help you select the right materials. Whether you need the right adhesive for your unique application, or a label with graphics that make your product stand out, we've got exciting solutions.


At teklabel, your account is handled with care from the start. Each client is assigned a team with a graphic artist, customer service representative and outside salesperson. This is your team, earning your business with quick response times, attention to detail, and always attending to your unique needs.

Who is teklabel?


We founded teklabel in 2004, with the support of a team we consider to be the best talent in manufacturing, prepress and customer service. Our goal of becoming the top-producing label company in the region is still what defines our company today. We’ve continued to invest in and expand our facility, adding state-of-the-art production equipment, processes and exceptional team members to build a company that is ready and able to support you.

Jim Di Bona & David Hinds, Founders

How We Work

A Case Study: Can you match this color?

The owner of one of our fastest growing customers, a manufacturer of skincare products, was having color matching issues across her packaging line. So, she grew a purple iris and brought it to the press check as a color match on her labels. We quickly put the iris in water, so it wouldn’t fade, and spent most of the day adjusting color, substrates, and coatings till we nailed that color. Then we provided the client with color targets and ink formulas to use to match the purple iris across her complete packaging line. Now her packaging is consistent and her customers know her by the color of that iris.

Our Products

We produce everything from blank, thermal transfer labels to more complex labels requiring up to 10 print stations.

Plus, we offer many unique and specialty label constructions, including:

  • Dry release, peel off
  • Unsupported films/flexible packaging
  • Scratch off inks
  • Scented
  • Foil stamping and embossing
  • Flexo printing up to 10 stations
  • Multi-panel
  • Folded coupon

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Our Clients

Over the years, teklabel has worked with clients large and small.  Here are just a few of the clients we have worked with:

Let teklabel be your label company!

Contact us today via email or phone! If you are looking for unique label solutions, improved customer service or more value for your dollar, teklabel can help. We are always happy to provide samples of our many unique constructions, work up pricing estimates, or schedule a consultation. We are here for you.